Young Movers Conference 2017

The place to meet colleagues from all over Europe

We will have the great pleasure to be in Riga, 11 - 13 May for the Young Movers Conference 2017. Click here for the official website of the event and all information and details about YMC 2017 which will be constantly updated.

Don't miss the opportunity to network in Latvia. Taking part in this event means to meet a lot of young colleagues, get to know each other, exchange experience, learn from each other and have fun.

The future of the Moving Industry will be entrusted to the Young Movers.

Moving companies have evolved and, in parallel with many other professions, are witnessing the growing trend for young people to take over the control and responsibility at a much earlier age than may have been traditional in the past.

The conferences, meetings, discussions and professional training activities that they take part in and arrange are all influencing the future direction and decisions that have to be taken by companies and organisations within the industry.

The next Young Movers Conference will take place in May 11 - 13, 2017 in Riga, Latvia.  

The Young Movers started in 1991 to organize their own European Conference. The Young Movers Conference developed to become a yearly event being held somewhere in Europe. Each year the young movers of one of the European countries take over the responsibility to organize the next Young Movers Conference.

Its always a very interesting and intimate Convention that offers young owners and employees of removal companies the opportunity to make a lot of new friends and to meet again with old friends from the Removal Business. Strengthen your Network! Furthermore interesting business related topics will be discussed during the Young Movers Conference.

Young Movers Conference, Madrid, 5-8th May 2016