Young Movers Conference 2018

The Young Movers 2018 sailed under the Belgian flag

Another great success of one of the most important moving industry events in Europe. This year’s Young Movers Conference was held in Brussels. From 3rd to 5th of May almost 270 attendees from 41 countries from all over the world gathered together to spend three wonderful days and nights at one of the moving industry most awaited events. 

The Young Movers Conference is an adventure which main purposes are to educate the young generation of the moving industry, enable them to enlarge their networks, establish new business relationships and to develop industry as itself. The event combines education with business and entertainment. 

The Young Movers Conference is the place to meet with old friends and gain new ones. It is more than just a meeting of industry representatives; it is also the opportunity to establish new contacts and long-lasting business relationships; but it is also about having a lot of fun together, learning from each other and looking to the industry from very different perspective.

Many thanks to this year’s organizing committee and especially, to chair-lady Anne van Gils, for the perfectly organized event, for the invitation of public attention keeping keynote speakers, business sessions, activities, entertainments, and actions all 3-days long. 

Certainly, and without any doubt, the Young Movers Conference is the event what should remain in your annual calendar. Even though the Young Movers Conference takes place every year, each year it is unique as apart of business sessions, the organizers make their best to give a chance to touch a bit of their country’s traditions and culture.

Thanks to everyone, for being a part of this amazing event and see you next year in Romania.

Aivars Usans
FEDEMAC Board Member