Young Movers Conference 2017

was the place to meet colleagues from all over Europe and the rest of the word

Young representatives of the moving industry from Europe but also from all over the world met this year at the Young Movers Conference in Latvia’s capital, Riga. This YMC was the first ever taking place in northern Europe and in the Baltics, and welcomed in the bright sunshine 242 participants from 38 countries among them many new comers.

From the 11th to 13th May, the young movers had the opportunity to get to know each other, to learn from one another and to exchange their professional experiences. The greatest pleasure for the Latvian organisers was the opportunity to introduce themselves and their companies through the prism of fun and entertainment.

The large proportion of first-time participants did not only expand their network but also the network of well-experienced participants (many had ran out of business cards by the second day) and also enriched the professional exchange of knowledge and ideas.

The use of social media for the development of business was intensely discussed in the educational part. Presentations on how to use Twitter, Facebook and other media to make the company more popular, gave information and stimulation. Furthermore, the participants were informed about the FMC rules for US removals. For the first time, within the official part of a Young Movers Conference, a discussion panel took place, where representatives had an opportunity to raises questions and discuss potential solutions from experienced participants.

In the outdoor activities team spirit was highly demanded, whether at golf, karting, safe driving with Toyota, obstacle park, airsoft challenge or photo orientation. It was always necessary to solve the tasks and challenges as a team, which was a great opportunity to enlarge and deepen the network. The Latvian Railway Museum provided a wonderful setting for the closing night and the announcement that the next Young Movers Conference will be hosted by the Belgian young movers.

We are looking forward to meet many first time comers and expirinced Young Movers Conferenc attendees in spring 2018 in Belgium.

The interesting and intimate Convention that offers young owners and employees of removal companies THE opportunity to make a lot of new friends and to meet again with old friends from the Removal Business. Strengthen your Network! Furthermore interesting business related topics will be discussed during the Young Movers Conference also.


Young Movers Conference, Riga, 11-13th May 2017