General Information for movers

In this section you find publications of FEDEMAC with valuable information for the movers.

The FEDEMAC Newsletter and the Calendar of the moving industry are accessible for every visitor of this Webpage. You can find information of selected service providers of the moving industry.

Some FEDEMAC publications, FEDEMAC e-news and the FEDEMAC Newsflash, are accessable for FEDEMAC Member Companies (companies organised in a FEDEMAC Member Association) and FEDEMAC Members, only. These publications can be found in the password protected subarea.

When being loged-in, the Member Companies have full access to the FEDEMAC Information Center as well. Here you find useful information about regulations and restrictions for the road transport in Europe country by country.

By using the Broadcast System, FEDEMAC Member Companies can easly get in contact with eachother to find unloading assistance, for expamle.

FEDEMAC Member Companies and FEDEMAC Members are requested to register to get access to the password protected areas and to subscribe for the publications of FEDEMAC.

FEDEMAC Directory

Europe at a glance

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The FEDEMAC directory is also available as hardcopy. It appears annually in June and can be used to communicate with your colleagues who are members of the association. The directory contains more than 3,000 addresses of the FEDEMAC Member Companies as well as routes that are regularly travelled by removal companies throughout all of Europe.

The listing of each of the companies includes the same information as the Online-Directory. But it allows you to take additional notes, e.g. the name and direct line of your contact partner.

The alphabetical directory and the city listings within the respective state and the alphabetical list of names shorten the time you spend searching for a colleague. The first pages pertaining to every state inform you about the state's national association and provide you with the most important addresses and contact partners. Your orientation is simplified by a country map showing the cities/towns

Use the FEDEMAC directory, the indispensible aid for searching for colleagues and partners and for communicating with your colleagues.

You can obtain a hardcopy of the current FEDEMAC Directory directly from the Brandeis publishing company:

Brandeis Verlag und Medien GmbH & Co. KG 
Schiefersteinstrasse 11a 
65439 Floersheim 
Tel.: +49 6145 5442400 
Fax: +49 6145 5442410

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