Moving your household from one location to another is no easy decision.

And it takes a lot of time to fulfil all your plans for your new home.

Once the decision had been made that you or you and your family will move the household to another house or apartment, another city or even to another country the work starts. You have to:

  • find your new home (house or apartment)
  • sell your old home, find tenants or cancel the contract for your old home
  • renovate your new home and/or your old home
  • finalise new job arrangements
  • arrange school and/or kindergarten for your children
  • re-arrange or cancel your contracts and other agreements (all utilities, bank, newspaper delivery etc.)
  • inform family, friends, business partners, administration etc. about the change of address
  • decide if all furniture will be forwarded to the new home, some furniture mayl be removed or stored, new furniture is needed and make appropriate arrangements and transactions in this respect
  • find a mover