How to choose “your mover”

It is a pleasure to help you with some recommendations.

To find a reliable moving company, take up contact with a mover located nearby or in the region of your housing and get an estimate for your move. Friends, colleagues, neighbours and family members might give useful information about moving companies used for previous services. Ask them, but check the credibility of the recommendations.

Make sure that the moving company gets all information needed do calculate the price accurately.

If you compare different estimates, check carefully what is included and what not.

  • Have all household items been taken up in the inventory list?
  • Are all services requested listed in the offer?
  • Does the price include the packing and unpacking?
  • Is packaging material included?
  • What about parking zones for the loading and unloading?
  • How will additional working hours needed, be charged?
  • Is insurance needed and included?

Choose the company that fulfills your requirements and needs and is within in your budget.

Always ensure that the quotation and all arrangements are made in writing.