FEDEMAC is a European Non Governmental Organisation. FEDEMAC fights on EU level for the interests of the moving industry.

Members of FEDEMAC are in the first line National Moving Associations. National Moving Associations from EU Member States are FULL MEMBERS of FEDEMAC. National Moving Associations from non-EU countries are ASSOCIATE MEMBERS of FEDEMAC.

If a national moving association does not exist or is not interested in a membership, qualified moving companies can become members / DIRECT AFFILIATES of FEDEMAC.

FEDEMAC Membership is geographically limited to Europe.

Please check in the section Members of FEDEMAC who is member of FEDEMAC in your country. If you company is a member in the National Association listed your companies is also organized in FEDEMAC. In this case your company is also listed in the FEDEMAC Online Directoy.

If your company is not organised in FEDEMAC, take up contact with the national movers association in your area to get information on the benefit of membership and other details. .

If a National Association is not existend take up contact with FEDEMAC Headquarters to get informaiton on Direct Affiliation (mail to headquarters[at]fedemac.eu).

Please contact the National Association listed for your country in the section Members of FEDEMAC.

If a National Association is not listed for your country or if your country is not listed in the Section Members of FEDEMAC, contact FEDEMAC Headquarters headquarters[at]fedemac.eu to get information about membership in FEDEMAC and applications documents.


Please contact the National Association listed to get more information about a Membership in this particular Association and the FEDEMAC Membership via this Association.