FEDEMAC Position Papers

Information on the political standpoints of the movers

Treaty establishing the European Economic Community. Over the years, the European Union has grown to 28 countries, representing over 500 million citizens. The growing legislative powers provided to the EU by the Treaties have further increased the need for the Moving industry to be represented at European level.

In order to do so, FEDEMAC publishes regularly Positions Papers on legislation that will have an impact on its industry. FEDEMAC’s Position Papers not only outline concerns that our industry may have but also establishes possible solutions. Our goal is to show the impact EU legislation can have on over 4 000 professional moving companies across the EU. FEDEMAC’s Position Papers are not only crucial for the advocacy of our point of views to policy makers, officials and politicians but also when liaising with other trade associations and organisations, public interest groups, non-government organisations, national authorities and other relevant parties. FEDEMAC’s Position Papers are updated regularly to take into account the latest developments and discussions that take place in the European Institutions.

We are therefore very pleased to invite you to download all or any of our current Position Papers to more appreciate the main issues at present facing FEDEMAC and its Members throughout Europe on the political level.

FEDEMAC cordially also requests your contributions, suggestions and observations in order to enhance its campaigns and fuel healthy debate. Please contact us direct if you wish to put forward an opinion or any further comment in relation to any of the Position Papers listed.