FEDEMAC is the Umbrella Association of the European Movers

How to bring together the interests and views of 26 different countries?

FEDEMAC is administered by a General Assembly, which has full authority. The General Assembly is comprised of representatives of the FEDEMAC Members (Member Associations and Direct Affiliated Member Companies).

The General Assembly meets at least once a year in Europe to review the actions taken and to discuss and decide about the future policy and actions of FEDEMAC. 

The Board is the executive body of FEDEMAC. The Board consists of the following elected Board Members:

Sabine Hartmann was born into the moving industry through her family business, where she learned the business from scratch. She studied in Cambridge and went on to do a traineeship with a global van line in the USA. Sabine has 33 years of experience in the moving industry and is the Managing Director of the removal division of her company for many years.

On the 19th of September 2015, Sabine Hartmann was elected as FEDEMAC`s President for a period of three years from 2015 to 2018.


Sabine is actively involved in association work and has served on several committees and boards, such as Vice Chairman of the UGWW UTS Supervisory Board and Chairman of the UTS Germany Board.

She is the President of GIM (Group in International Movers, Germany), a Board Member of AMO (Germany Movers Association) and a delegate at local level. She is also a Board Member of FEDEMAC.

Aivars Usans joined FEDEMAC as Direct Affiliate in 2003, just a year later he was elected to theFEDEMAC Board. 

From 2012 to 2015, Aivars was President of FEDEMAC. He will be continuing to contribute to our Federation as one of FEDEMAC’s board members.

He established his privately owned company "FF International Movers", which is in top three moving companies in Latvia, covering all Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) with extended services throughout the European Union.

Aivars took the opportunity to work in several countries, such as the Netherlands and has been in the freight forwarding and shipping business since 1993. He gained first experience in the area of household goods moving while working at an international freight forwarding company.

He holds a degree in Economics' and foreign affairs from Riga Technical University.

Serge Fontaine joined the Board of FEDEMAC in 2012.


In the years 2008-2013 Serge was President of the Chambre Syndicale du Demenagament (CSD), the French movers association. Before this he served as the Regional President of region Ile de France and Member of the Board of CSD.


Serge acquired a road transport diploma and entered the profession at the age of 28. Only a few years later, he created his own company and joined the CSD in 1982.


Serge has always been a strong advocate for the Removals industry. His motto: “I love our movers of society and the profession that gave me everything.”


Roberto Megia Rodriguez has been involved in the Removal industry for more than 28 years.

He has been a Board Member of the Spanish Mover Association, Federacion Espanola de Empresas de Mudanzas (FEDEM) and the Organizacion Castellana de Empresas de Mudanzas (OCEM – FEDEMAC Madrid) since 2004.


In 2009 Roberto went on and became a Board Member of FEDEMAC, to which he was re-elected for a second Mandate in 2013.

Mark Chudley has been in the Moving & Shipping industry for more than 37 years.


He spent his first 11 years with a UK removal company, followed by another 6 years with an American Antique retailer, not only shipping but assisting with locating and restoration.


In 1994, he founded his own Company. Whilst in the early days he focused on just antique and art packing, his company now offers a wide spectrum of services, from the domestic move, through International and also some commercial packing. In 20 years, the company has grown from a two man operation to a regular staff of 22.


In 2003, Chudley Moving & Shipping joined the British Association of Removers (BAR) which greatly helped to develop from a very small mover, to a slightly bigger small mover

Mark became FEDEMAC Board Member in 2014.

Barbara Savelli studied at the Faculty of Economics and Management and won twice the Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship.


Barbara is currently the Director of Corporate Accounts at Gosselin Mobility Italy. She is a Board Member of AITI – Associazione Nazionale Traslocatori and a Core Membership Representative for Europe at the International Association of Movers (IAM). 


Barbara was elected to the Board of AITI in 2010 where she became active in the institutional aspect of the industry. She was nominated by AITI to enrich the FEDEMAC Board and bring in the views from Southern Europe.


Her path is marked by important moments all linked to institutional tasks performed for the common growth and the achievement of a knowledge that goes beyond the concept of the profit of a single enterprise.

Stefan Dimitrov launched his family business in logistic in 1990. The fall of the Berlin Wall has offered new and exciting opportunities to many eastern European states and has enabled Stefan to expand his company onto new territory such as Yugoslavia as it was known back then and by 2004 in Greece.

In 2012, with the support of the FEDEMAC Board, President Arnaldo Righetti and the British Removal Association, Stefan actively took part in the creation of the Bulgarian Movers Association (BMA). 

Later on that year, Stefan was elected as a Member of the Board of FEDEMAC.

Gabriela Dimitrova became FEDEMAC’s Head of European Affairs at the end of 2013.

Prior to joining the FEDEMAC family, Gabriela held the position of Political Adviser to a Member of the European Parliament. Her five years in the European Parliament have enabled Gabriela to gain extensive knowledge of the workings of the European institutions as well as to acquire a large Network of contacts in Brussels.

Gabriela holds a Bachelor degree in European Politics and Modern Languages (French and Russian) as well as a Master in Contemporary European Politics. She is fluent in English, French, Bulgarian and has conversional proficiencies in Spanish and Russian. 

Ellen Troska has been a member of the Board of Management of the “Bundesverband Moebelspedition und Logistik (AMOE) e.V.” (German Movers and Furniture Transport Association), Hattersheim, Germany since 2002.


She joined AMOE in 2000 as an assistant. She is responsible for international issues and relationships, economics and taxes, business economics, national economics, and standardisation. Ellen is managing the FEDEMAC Headquarters and is actively supporting the Young Movers Conference.


Prior to this, Ellen was a Teaching Assistant at the „Zentrum für Europaeische Intergrationsforschung“ (Centre of European Integration Research), Bonn, Germany, where she collaborated on a research project on the European Transport Policy.


She holds a PhD degree from the National Economics at the University of Bonn, Germany.

The FEDEMAC Board normally meets three or four times a year. It takes into account decisions and works on the recommendation of the General Assembly. The FEDEMAC Head of European Affairs Gabriela Dimitrova is co-opted Board Member. She reports about the lobbying matters and activities and assists in discussions and decision making.

To work on special topics and/or intitiatives working and study groups can created by the Board or the General Assembly. The members of the working and study groups are chosen from the list of FEDEMAC representatives, or where appropriate, may include any person with particular knowledge relevant to the project or helpful to the work involved

The FEDEMAC office/secretariat is based in Hattersheim, near Frankfurt/Main. It is run by the German Member Assocations, Bundesverband Moebelspedition und Logistik, AMOE e.V.