Who are the FEDEMAC Members

FEDEMAC Members are normally National Moving Associations located in Europe. 

In a country where a National Moving Association is either not established or not interested in becoming a member of FEDEMAC, moving companies can become FEDEMAC Members (Direct Affiliates). 

By visiting the subpages listed below you get easly information about the Members of FEDEMAC and the direct affiliated moving companies organised in the European umbrella association.

Please visit the FEDEMAC Online Directory, if your are looking for a moving company. 

Österreichischer Möbel-Transport-Verband (ÖMTV)

Wurmbstrasse 42
A - 1120 Wien

Contact Person: Peter Minichmayr

eMail: peter.minichmayr@frachtmeister.at

Homepage: http://amara.or.at/

25 Austrian Member Companies

Peter Minichmayr (Frachmeister GmbH, Neuwien)

Vice President:
Martin Zinsmeister (Hauer & Kopal GesmbH, Wien)

FEDEMAC Representative:
Boris Ceselkovski (ZDENKO DWORAK GmbH, Wien)

Chambre Belge des Déménageurs / Belgische Kamer der Verhuizers

Rue Stroobansstraat 48A
B - 1140 Brussels (Evere)

Phone +32 2 240 45 70
Fax +32 2 240 45 79

General Secretary: Koenraad Vangoidsenhoven

eMail: koen.vangoidsenhoven@bkv-cbd.be

Homepage: www.bkv-cbd.be / www.cbd-bkv.be

Established: 1905

112 Belgian Member Companies

The BKV/CBD is the only professional association to represent the moving companies in Belgium.
Similar to the Belgian political context, the association also has a combined national and regional structure, whereby the national structure takes into account the input of the Flemish, the Brussels and the Walloon regions. Each of these regions elects the same number of delegates to represent them in the National Board, which is the executive committee of the Belgian Association.
The secretariat of CBD/BKV is located in Brussels, at the disposal of all members, but also of all official authorities and of anybody asking for advises.

Luc Christiaens (Potiez-Deman, Brussels)

Vice Presidents:
Bertil Durieux
Dimitri Mozer
Didier Pierre

Bart Neetens

FEDEMAC Representative:
Luc Christiaens

Bulgarian Movers Association (BMA) 

Office 1, Floor 1

2 Viskyar Planina Street
BG - 1407 Sofia

Phone +359 88 573 2819
Fax +359 2 807 6639

General Secretary: Georgi H Zlatarev

eMail: secretary@bulgarian-movers.org

Homepage: http://www.bulgarian-movers.org/

Established: Foundation on 10 March 2012

9 Bulgarian Moving Companies founded the Bulgarian Movers Association on 10th March 2012 in Sofia. The Association had been registered with the Bulgarian Authories on 14 June 2012.

In the meantime the membership expanded to 12 companies (end of July 2012).

The BMA is a national association located in the capital city, Sofia. It is a registered non-profit-organisation. The Bulgarian Movers are directly organised in BMA.
The Bulgarian Movers Association is a Full Member of FEDEMAC as of 10. July 2012.

Stefan Dimitrov

Deputy Chairman:
Ivan Balkanski

Doychin Mehov

Board Member:
Boyko Marinchevski

Board Member:
Hristo Vasilev

FEDEMAC Representative:
Stefan Dimitrov

Credo d.o.o.

Vincenta iz Kastva 21
HR - 10000 Zagreb

Phone +385 1 61 71 449
Fax +385 1 61 52 743

Contact Person: Piero Peic

eMail: info@credomovers.com

Homepage: www.credomovers.com

FEDEMAC Member since July 2011

Dansk Møbeltransport Forening 

Københavnsvej 265
DK - 4000 Roskilde 

Phone +45 33 21 24 14

General Secretary: Anders Due

eMail: adu@vognmandslauget.dk
Homepage: www.flytning-dmf.dk

Established: 1911

86 Danish Member Companies

The DMF is the only trade association of the removal and storage industry in Denmark. DMF is an independent organisation, but also organized in the Danish Transport and Logistics Association (DTL). This means that the DMF members at same time must be members of the DTL, and that the DTL has range of technical, political and educational information.DMF runs a full time secretariat by a joint concern with the Copenhagen Carters' Guild. A DMF member must be an active company with an approved removers liability policy.  

Vognmand Lasse Odum (Rander Flytte-Vervice A/S, Randers)

Vice President:

Niels Borgstrom (ATH Transport & Handel Aps, Tastrup)


Henrik Jorgensen (Obro Flytteforretning AQ/S, Aalborg Oste)

FEDEMAC Representative:
Vognmand Lasse Odum (Rander Flytte-Vervice A/S, Randers)

Niemi Services Ltd.

Hankasuontie 11
FIN - 00390 Helsinki

Phone +358 9 5420 5420
Fax +358 9 5420 5430

Contact Person: Charles Gray

eMail: charles.gray@niemi.fi
Homepage: http://www.niemi.fi

FEDEMAC Member since July 2009

SOFDI - AGS France

61 rue de la Bongarde

F - 92230 Gennevilliers

Phone + 33 1 40802020
Fax +33 1 40802000

Contact Person: Charles Baudart

eMail: info@agsfrance.com
Homepage: https://www.agsmovers.com/

FEDEMAC Member since June 2017

Bundesverband Möbelspedition und Logistik (AMÖ) e.V.

Schulstraße 53
D - 65795 Hattersheim

Phone +49 6190 98 98 13
Fax +49 6190 98 98 20

General Secretary: Dierk Hochgesang

eMail: info@amoe.de
Homepage: www.amoe.de

To find a German Mover, please visit www.umzug.org

Established: 1881

About 950 German moving and new furniture transporting companies are organized in AMÖ.

The German Association of Removers (AMÖ) is located in Hattersheim/Main. AMÖ members are 18 regional member organizations covering the Federal Republic of Germany. About 950 German moving and new furniture tansporting companies are directly members in their regional member organization.
Additional to the regional member oganisations the Group of International Removers (GIM - FIDI Germany) is a member of AMOE.
The German moving business has a long-term tradition of more than 130 years as an organised profession. Some of the companies are existing for more than 200 years as a family business.
Visit the AMÖ-webpage to get more information about the association and its members.

Frank Schäfer (L. Spangenberg GmbH & Co. KG, Pattensen

Vice Presidents:
Dr. Martin Ahnefeld (Ahnefeld Möbel-Logistik GmbH, Minden)
Stefan Klein (Frey & Klein Int. Spedition, Ohlweiler)

FEDEMAC Representative:
Frank Schäfer (L. Spangenberg GmbH & Co. KG, Pattensen)

Helenic Movers TELETRANS SA

21st klm Markopoulou Ave
GR - 190 02 Peania 

Phone +30 2 106 647 080
Fax +30 2 106 647 233

Contact Person: George Lioulias

eMail: tele00@teletrans.gr
Homepage: www.teletrans.gr

FEDEMAC Member since 2008


E. Bistis & Co

57, Tinou Str.
GR - 11361 Athens

Phone +30 210 8210 644
Fax +30 210 8254 068

Contact Person: Elias Bistis

eMail: info@bistis.gr
Homepage: www.bistis.gr

FEDEMAC Member since April 2012

Associazione Imprese Translocatori Italiani (A.I.T.I) 

Via Panama, 62
I - 00198 Roma  

Phone +39 06 540 4900
Fax +39 06 841 55 76

eMail: info@associazionetraslocatori.it
Homepage: http://www.associazionetraslocatori.it/

97 Italian Member Companies

Luca Lucesole
(F.lli Lucesole S.r.l., Ancona)

Vice Presidents:
Chritian De Vellis
Rossana Carlini
Massimiliano Ajroldi

FEDEMAC Representative:
Barbara Savelli (Gosselin Mobility Italy, Rome)

DC-LifeLine Relocations Ltd

Russellstown House
Kilmeague, Naas
IRL - Co. Kildare

Phone :00 353 45890677

Contact Person: Bob Percy / Denis Caulfield

Email: sales@llr.ie

Webpage: www.lifelinerelocations.com

FF International Movers Ltd 

3, Sarlotes Street
LV  -  1001 Riga

Phone + 371 67 840 592
Fax + 371 67 840 591

Contact Person: Aivars Usans

eMail: au@ff-group.lv
Homepage: www.ffinternationalmovers.lv

FEDEMAC Member since 2003

Fédération des Déménageurs Luxembourgoise (Fédélux)

c/o clc a.s.b.l.
7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
L-1615 Luxembourg

Post Box 482
L-2014 Luxembourg

Phone +352 43 94 44 709

Fax +352 43 94 50

Administration: Antoine Ries

eMail: antoine.ries@clc.lu

Established: 1997

8 Luxembourgoise member companies.

The moving companies are Direct Members of Fédélux.

Max Chorus

Board Members
Claude Watgen
Patrick Haussard
David Goudreau

Claude Watgen

FEDEMAC Representative:
Alain Gallion 

D.O.M. (Transport) LTD.

113 D.O.M. House
Drama Street
Qormi, QRM 2636
M - Malta

Phone + 356 21 488 953
Fax + 356 21 488 953

Contact Person: Joseph Pace

eMail: info@domtransportmalta.com
Homepage: www.domtransportmalta.com

FEDEMAC Member since 2004


Thomas Smith 

12 St Christoper Street
M - Valletta VLT 1468 

Phone + 356 2 20 58 150
Fax + 356 2 20 58 199

Contact Person: Bernard Muscat

eMail: removals@tcsmith.com
Homepage: www.tcsmith.com

FEDEMAC Member since 2006


Cube Relocations Ltd

18, Triq Hal-Warda
M - Attard ATD1406

Phone + 356 2721 2721
Fax + 356 214 211 97

Contact Person: Chris Vassallo

eMail: chris@cuberelocations.com
Homepage: www.cuberelocations.com

FEDEMAC Member since July 2009

Organisatie voor Erkende Verhuizers

Bredewater 26
NL – 2715 CA Zoetermeer  

Phone +31 70 3401788
Fax +31 70 3401781 


General Secretary: Anton Vis

eMail: anton@erkendeverhuizers.nl
Homepage: www.erkendeverhuizers.nl

Established: 1965

234 Dutch Member Companies

The Dutch Movers Association (Organisatie voor Erkende Verhuizers) is divided in two sections, consumer removals and commercial project removals. Each section has its own board and its own certification. The association has its own training College, Verhuiscollege, which cared for vocational training and gives the employees carreer oppertunitys.
The main goal of the Association and the purchase company is to serve its members the best way possible.

Martin Hobbel (Flakkee Verhuizers, Middelharnis)

Vice President:
Arco van Ede (Van Ede International Moving B.V., Wassenaar)

Board Members:
Eric Sens (A.J. van Deutekom B. V., Duivendrecht)
Jan Lobbezoo (general advisor)
Lauwens de Jong (Mondial Verhuizbedrijf Henneken, Zoetermeer)
Tjerk Koopmans (Jacobs Heteren B.V., Heteren)
Eddy Zegwaard (Scholte Verhuis Groep (SVG) B.V., Zoetermeer)
Aart Hooijer (Van Reenen Verhuizingen)
Martin Hobbel (Flakkee Verhuizers, Middelharnis)

FEDEMAC Representative:
Martin Hobbel (Flakkee Verhuizers, Middelharnis)

FIDI Norway 

c/o Team Relocations Oslo

Ankerveien 209
NO - 1359 Eiksmarka

Phone +47 6716 1601

General Secretary: Atle Skaarud
eMail: atle.skaarud@teamrelocations.com

4 Norwegian Member Companies and 3 Branches

FIDI Norway is the only trade association in Norway for the international moving and storage industry.

Atle Skaarud (Team Relocations Oslo)

FEDEMAC Representative:
Atle Skaarud (Team Relocations Oslo)

Universal Express Relocations Sp. z.o.o. 

ul. 17 stycznia 45B (building Zephirus)
PL - 02-146 Warszawa 

Phone +48 22 100 2920
Fax +48 22 100 29 29

Contact Person: Stefan Hildt

eMail: stefan.hildt@uer.pl
Homepage: www.uer.pl

FEDEMAC Member since August 2004


ul. Kineskopowa 1
PL - 05-500 Piaseczno

Phone +48 22 716 55 66
Fax +48 22 716 55 67

Contact Person: Frank Cordes

eMail: frank.cordes@euromove.pl
Homepage: http://euromove.pl

FEDEMAC Member since August 2006



Przeprowadzki Transport Zbigniew Osiak 

Renesansowa 41/9
PL - 01-905 Warszawa

Phone +48 606 886 999
Fax +48 22 663 62 71

Contact Person: Zbigniew Osiak

eMail: kontakt@artmovers.pl
Homepage: http://www.artmovers.pl

FEDEMAC Member since July 2012

CDD Relocation

Metav Business Center
67-77 Bihariei street, building I
013981, Bucharest, RO

Phone and Fax :+4021 317 97 54

Contact Person: Dana Dascalu

eMail: office@cddrelocation.ro


RILVAN Moving and Relocations

29 Topraisar Street, District 1
RO - 014569 Bucharest

Phone +4021 221 95 47
Fax +402 122 194 42

Contact Person: Theodor Popa

eMail: theodor.popa@rilvan.eu
Homepage: http://www.rilvan.eu

FEDEMAC Member since March 2011

AGS Bucharest SRL

256 Basarabia blvd
District 3
RO - 030352 Bucharest

Phone: +40 213450663
Fax: +40 213450662

Contact Person: Gratiela Lascu

eMail: ags-bukarest@agsmovers.com
Homepage: www.agsmovers.com

FEDEMAC Member since July 2017




TRIV International Moving s.r.o.

Agatova 22
SK - 844 15 Bratislava 42

Phone + 421 2 654 22 387
Fax + 421 2 654 43 753 

Contact Person: Anton Vojčák

eMail: triv@triv.sk
Homepage: www.triv.sk

FEDEMAC Member since 2006

vatovec Relocations / Selitve

Čufarjeva 5
SLO - 1000 Ljubljana

Phone + 386 1 430 13 40
Fax + 386 1 430 13 44

Contact Person: Vlado Vatovec

eMail: info@vatovec.si
Homepage: www.vatovec.si

FEDEMAC Member since 2004


López de Hoyos 322
E - 28043 Madrid

Phone +34 917 444 7

Fax +34 914 150 251

General Secretary: Beatriz Belinchón Díaz

eMail: bbelinchon@cetm.es
Homepage: http://www.fedem.es/

Established: 1995

149 Spanish Member Companies

FEDEM consists of 12 regional associations and an an international Group (GMI Group of International Movers).

Juan Luis Feltrero Oreja

Vice Presidents:
Pablo Martin Gutierrez-Fernandez
Juan Manuel Rubio

FEDEMAC Representative:
Roberto Megia Rodriguez

SMF (Swedish Movers Federation)

c/o Gunnar Gudmundsson
Nygatan 4 A
S - 722 14  VÄSTERÅS

Phone +46 8 87 85 10

General Secretary: Gunnar Gudmundsson

eMail: gunnar@smf-flytt.se

Homepage: www.smf-flytt.se

Established: 1946

Membership: 30 Swedish Member Companies

SMF is the oldest trade association in Sweden for the moving and storage industry.

Marlene Malmqvist (Ilexpressen i Visby AB, Visby)

FEDEMAC Representative:
Kenneth Egelrud (Alpha Quality Moving AB)

ASTAG Schweizerischer Nutzfahrzeugverband

Fachgruppe Möbeltransporte

Wölflistrasse 5
CH - 3006 Bern

Phone +41 31 370 85 24
Fax +41 31 370 85 89

General Secretary: Laurent Peyer

eMail: l.peyer@astag.ch
Homepage: http://www.astag.ch/

259 Swiss Member Companies

ASTAG is the general road transport assocation in Switzerland. It constist of several professional groups. The profession group of movers (Fachgruppe Möbeltransport) is the Swiss member of FEDEMAC.

Marc Lehmann (Wittwer SA, Marin)

FEDEMAC Representative:
Sibylle Weber (Weber-Vonesch Transport AG, Zug)

British Association of Removers

Tangent House
62 Exchange Road
WD18 0TG 

Phone +44 1923 699 480
Fax +44 1923 699 481

Director General: Ian Studd

eMail: commercial@bar.co.uk
Homepage: http://www.bar.co.uk/

Established: 1900

The BAR has 442 member companies, operating out of 622 locations in the UK.

The BAR is the recognised voice of the professional removal industry in the United Kingdom. 
The BAR is governed by a Board of Directors and is serviced by a secretariat of paid employees who also service the functional groups and policy committees. Nationally the members of the Association operate through geographical areas, each of which has its own officers and holds meetings at regular intervals.

Company Secretary:

Paul Swindon

Gary Wheadon (D. Sully & Son Ltd, London)

FEDEMAC Representative:
Mark Chudley (Chudley International, Somerset)