FEDEMAC is the Umbrella Association of the European Movers

How to bring together the interests and views of 19 different countries?

FEDEMAC is administered by a General Assembly, which has full authority. The General Assembly is comprised of representatives of the FEDEMAC Members (Member Associations and Direct Affiliated Member Companies).

The General Assembly meets at least once a year in Europe to review the actions taken and to discuss and decide about the future policy and actions of FEDEMAC. 

The Board is the executive body of FEDEMAC. The work of the FEDEMAC Board is supported by FEDEMAC Headquarters.

Born in Brussels, capital of Europe, Bertil Durieux is involved in the moving industry for more than 35 years. He has been working in Belgium, Luxembourg and United Kingdom.

In 2011, Bertil completed a successful management buyout of the company GENNÉ, managed by him since February 2000. 


On November 16th, 2018, Bertil Durieux was elected as FEDEMAC`s President for a three years term, from 2018 to 2021.


Defender of the profession, his principal target is to find the best means to encourage all participants of the industry to differentiate themselves by applying the best criterion of quality on everyday jobs in every field. President of the Belgian National Association (CBD-BKV) since 2017, he decided to put his company in new hands and dedicated himself to his national association. 


"United in Diversity", Europe's motto, could not be more consistent with the future direction of FEDEMAC.

Aivars Usans joined FEDEMAC as Direct Affiliate in 2003, just a year later he was elected to theFEDEMAC Board. 

From 2012 to 2015, Aivars was President of FEDEMAC. He will be continuing to contribute to our Federation as one of FEDEMAC’s board members.

He established his privately owned company "FF International Movers", which is in top three moving companies in Latvia, covering all Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) with extended services throughout the European Union.

Aivars took the opportunity to work in several countries, such as the Netherlands and has been in the freight forwarding and shipping business since 1993. He gained first experience in the area of household goods moving while working at an international freight forwarding company.

He holds a degree in Economics' and foreign affairs from Riga Technical University.

Stefan Dimitrov launched his family business in logistic in 1990. The fall of the Berlin Wall has offered new and exciting opportunities to many eastern European states and has enabled Stefan to expand his company onto new territory such as Yugoslavia as it was known back then and by 2004 in Greece.

In 2012, with the support of the FEDEMAC Board, President Arnaldo Righetti and the British Removal Association, Stefan actively took part in the creation of the Bulgarian Movers Association (BMA). 

Later on that year, Stefan was elected as a Member of the Board of FEDEMAC.


Beatriz Belinchón is General Secretary of the FEDEMAC Member Association, FEDEM, for more than 7 years.

In 2017 Beatriz and became a Board Member of FEDEMAC.

Giulio Argirò is Attorney at Law admitted to the Bar Association of Rome. He is specialized in Criminal Law and Transport Law. Giulio is co-owner of Bliss Moving & Logisics.


Giulio is Board Member of the Italian Member Association, A.I.T.I., since May 2014.


Giulio was elected by the FEDEMAC General Assembly to become a FEDEMAC Board Member in November 2017.

The FEDEMAC Board normally meets three or four times a year. It takes into account decisions and works on the recommendation of the General Assembly. The Board discusses in its meetings developments on European level which will or might effect the removal industry. Basis are reports of the Agency logos public affairs. The Board decides the actions to be taken if appropriate.

Within between the Board Meetings the Board is holding telephone conferences.

To work on special topics and/or intitiatives working and study groups can created by the Board or the General Assembly. The members of the working and study groups are chosen from the list of FEDEMAC representatives, or where appropriate, may include any person with particular knowledge relevant to the project or helpful to the work involved

The FEDEMAC Statutes can be downloaded here.